Temptag is a coffee accessory brand founded in Melbourne, Australia. Temptag emerged in 2009 as a start up retailer and now trades globally. Temptag is a tool that helps people make better coffee. Everything we do supports coffee lovers to make their best cup – simply, every day, all over the world. We are dedicated to consistency, hygiene, accuracy and creativity.

Milk thermometers used in this market have become a benchmark within the food industry. Even today they are a popular choice for temperature monitoring by food retailers. Temptag supports a majority of our local universities and TAFE institutions who widely use our tool for teaching and coffee training.

Temptag is a revolution in consistently preparing hygienic and accurate milk temperature.

A important  part of serving a great coffee is the consistency in milk temperature. The accuracy of the Temptag  allows the barista to serve coffee at a perfect temperature every time. Unlike traditional thermometers, Temptags have no direct contact with milk as they’re applied to the outside of the milk jug, this eliminates the possibility of cross contamination as well as promoting hygiene. When using the Temptags you’ll never need to worry about calibration like traditional thermometers. Temptags are quality thermometer tools that are easy to read, clean and have great accuracy.

Temptag Thermometer

Australian Made

We are proud that Temptag has been officially certified as an Australian Made product by the Australian Made Campaign and our products now carry the Australian Made logo.

This logo represents that our products have been designed and manufactured in Australia. We are committed to keeping jobs locally in Australia and supporting the manufacturing industry.