400ml Milk Jug & Temptag Tri 4 Pack


The 400ml Barista Progear jug is a high quality food grade stainless steel milk jug + Temptag Tri milk thermometer stickers designed to give an instant indication when milk is at the optimum serving temperature. Pack contains 4 Temptag Tri stickers.

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Why Temptag?

  •  Hygienic
    Temptags have no direct contact with milk, this avoids cross contamination as well as the spread of bacteria.
  •  Consistent
    Temptags will assist baristas in achieving consistent milk temperature with every jug steamed.
  •  Precise
    The reaction of the Temptag is instant and there is no delays or waiting for correct readings.
  •  Australian Made, Owned & Operated
    Temptag was established in Melbourne, Australia in 2009
  •  We Love Coffee
    We know how important a good coffee is, that’s why our products are designed to assist in consistency when preparing the perfect cup.


Care Instructions

The Temptag® is best hand washed only. Avoid using strong chemicals, scourers and steel wool directly onto the Temptag® to prevent surface damage. If the surface is broken, replace with a new Temptag®. It is expected that the Temptag® will display accurately for 4-6 weeks depending on care and usage. If the black window appears grey of cloudy or the Temptag® bubbles or begins to peel, we recommend you replace it to maintain consistency.