Temptag – The Best Quality Stick-On Milk Thermometers

Temptag Classic

The original Temptag Milk Thermometers designed and crafted in 2009. Still a favourite among baristas being highly visible, precise, and easy to use. The Classic Temptag reacts at 65°C revealing a bright yellow window.


The Temptag Pro is the next generation of milk temperature thermometer. The latest Temptag gives the barista an instant indication on the milk temperature as each window reveals the temperature as it is steamed

Temptag Tri Milk Steamer Sticker

The second Temptag Milk temperature thermometer designed to react at 3 different temperatures. A minus symbol at 58°C, a tick at 65°C indicating the perfect serving temperature and a X symbol at 70°C.

About Us

Starting from humble origins in 2009, Temptag is a coffee accessories brand found with the vision of helping baristas achieve perfect consistency in their brew.

With the aid of our customers and loyal wholesalers, we’ve grown to be an internationally recognised supplier of quality milk thermometers.

Temptag Pro Milk Thermometers

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Specially designed to achieve consistency and perfection in every brew, the temptag is the
perfect stick-on milk thermometer every barista needs. View our full range of milk thermometers below.



Proudly Australian Made

Temptag is officially certified as an Australian Made product by the Australian Made Campaign and our products now carry the Australian Made logo.

This logo represents that our products have been 100% designed and manufactured in Australia. We are committed to keeping jobs locally in Australia and supporting the manufacturing industry.